About Appzgear

Appzgear provides you with premium app design resources that you can use to create your own apps. Whether you are a bootstrapping developer who doesn't have the resources to hire a good designer, or a startup wanting to release your MVP at the earliest possible, or a designer who settles for nothing less than pixel perfection, Appzgear is the place for you.

At Appzgear you won't find decorations sold in the name of design or designs that blindly follow trends. Each product is meticulously crafted with rigorous design principles, psychology, usability and aesthetics in mind to make your app a delight to the users.

About Me

I’m Rakesh, one of the luckiest persons on earth because my hobby is my job. I’ve been freelancing from 2011 and I work mostly with individuals and startups. Check out my design blog and portfolio.