Clear Icons Bundle

Includes all of the 3 Clear icon packs. That means 500 icons in 3 variations – thin, thick and solid. Value for money and easy to download.


  • Available in PSD, PNG, SVGNew and CSH formats - suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Three sizes: @1x, @2x and @3xNew
  • The icons are interchangeable. For example, in iOS you can use the solid version of an icon as a selected state of its outlined version
  • Just the right level of details to look minimal and also be intelligible
  • Based on precise geometric shapes for a consistent modern look
  • Numbered and neatly organized into groups for easy traceability
  • Wide range concepts and objects represented by the icons


  • 500 icons in 3 variations (a total of 1500 icons with some repetition)
  • Format: PSD, PNG, SVG and CSH
  • Size: 60 x 60 px, 40 x 40 px & 20 x 20 px approx
  • Color: Black and White
500 Icons
Clear - Thin (500 Icons)
500 Icons
Clear - Thick (500 Icons)
500 Icons
Clear - Solid (500 Icons)


We’re in constant search for quality work that can help us do our design job even better. For us, icons are small but vital part of every web and application design or our presentations. Because of that, we were extremely happy that we have found Clear Icons; we love their simplicity and – even more important – their outstanding quality.


Full Pack

  • 500 icons in 3 variations
  • PSD, PNG, SVG and CSH



Designer Pack

  • 500 icons in 3 variations
  • PSD and CSH



Developer Pack

  • 500 icons in 3 variations
  • PNG and SVG


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