Versatile Android Phone Mockups

5 simple and clean mockups to showcase your android phone designs. Comes in 5 sizes and 4 color themes.

Why I created these mockups

Simply because I couldn't find Android phone mockups that are as good as iPhone's. That's probably because there are not many Android phones that are as good looking as iPhone. They're usually marred by garish logos, busy looking buttons or misaligning elements. The mockups I found were very limiting:

  • They require your designs to be in high resolution (usually 1080x1920 px). If you design at mdpi resolutions (of width 320 px or 360 px) you have to resize your designs, which despite your time and effort results in deteriorated screenshot.
  • They were available in only one or two angles. If you want to use multiple angles for your presentation you have to choose a mockup from another source which might look very different and this in turn takes away the overall visual consistency of your presentation.
  • Many of them were photographs which means you have to use them with the background and not the silhouttes; removing the background is tedious work.

So, I created a set of mockups that addresses these limitations and more. Note: The mockups are based on Xiaomi mi4i.

Features and Specifications

  • 5 angles
  • 5 screen sizes (i.e., the size of your mockups in pixels)
    • 1080x1920 px
    • 720x1280 px
    • 640x1138 px
    • 360x640 px
    • 320x569 px
  • 4 color themes
    • White (white body with black bezel)
    • Black (black body with black bezel)
    • Colored (colored body with black bezel; 6 body color provided; changing it is just a double-click away)
    • Full White (white body with white bezel; just like the white iPhones)
  • Format: PSD (100% vector so you can easily customize the mockups, for example, change the color of the phone or the background, remove shadows or glare.)
  • Instantaneously display a single screenshot on all 5 mockups using a common smart object or display individual screenshots using separate smart objects.
Preview of the full set
Preview of the full set

How to use

Double click the layer named 'Your Screen (common)', paste your screenshot and save; all the 5 mockups should now display your screenshot. To update each mockup separately use the layer 'Your Screen (individual)'.


Versatile Android Phone Mockups

  • 4 PSDs for each screen size


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